THREE New Dascoin Webinars coming this week!

In focus: AlliancePay, Das33 and Smart Business Tools

With so much happening within the ecosystem and some important developments that we want everyone to understand in full, we’ll be adding two extra webinars this week!

After his successful debut in the hot seat last week, Advisory Council Chairman Vivian O’Callaghan will be hosting all three webinars and the agenda is as follows:

MONDAY (3pm, UK time)

Brian Semkiw, Former CEO of Carta Worldwide, and Blair Baker, CEO of Alliance Payments will be the guests as AlliancePay goes under the spotlight. We will cover all aspects of the virtual and physical cards and how the pilot payments programme will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months. This is a subject lots of you often have questions about so be sure to tune in for this one!

WEDNESDAY (3pm, UK time)

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias will discuss the inherent power, scale, utility and resale value of the new Smart Business Tools products that come with all licenses. In addition, Fraser Douther, one of our leading advocates, will introduce a new powerpoint presentation explaining Das33 and the opportunities this exciting platform will provide.

FRIDAY (3pm, UK time)

Dennis M. Wilson, a hugely successful incentivized marketing guru who is now one of our most important consultants, will provide some further detail around Smart Business Tools and its three distinct categories, SmartBusiness, SmartTools and SmartHour. All the software you need to maximise your potential as an advocate is at your fingertips and Dennis can explain why these products provide such a dynamic incentive for the NetLeaders community.

We will email you the registration links for all these webinars in good time, and record them for those of you unable to watch live. Get set for a truly educational week at NetLeaders!

First wave of smart business tools video guidance released

Great news! The first wave of Smart Business Tools guidance videos is out!

We’re helping YOU get the MOST out of Smart Business Tools.

As you probably know, the software codes from which you can access Smart Business Tools have been available for a while now from the NetLeaders back office. If you haven’t located them yet, simply head to “My Licenses” and underneath click on “Software Codes”.

Once you are set up, you’ll want to know how to build your contacts, how to manage that information and how to make the most of the data you have collected.

How a SmartTools Sales Funnel/Auto Prospecting System can help you prosper

A sales funnel is simply a series of web pages and online questionnaires that “funnels” a prospect to a point of interest then “captures” data from your prospects and can then help you TARGET your contacts in the way that most benefits both YOU and THEM.

But some of you have been asking us to explain what the deal is. So click HERE for a new video explainer put together by our expert consultant Dennis M. Wilson which explains how a Sales Funnel helps you take COMMAND of your data and tailor-make your responses based on the individual needs of your contacts.

Building a sales funnel is the perfect way to sift through and sort out potential prospects out of all the people you know and/or leads you generate through advertising or “cold prospecting”.

Perhaps one of the first things you’ll want to do within Smart Business Tools is simply add email contacts to start feeding the data that will then drive your Sales Funnel. Click through to access our video tutorial on How To Add Email Contacts now.

You will also find it really helpful to make use of another video tutorial we have prepared, How To Use The Contact Manager. This is a great feature which allows you to have customized information at your fingertips for all your prospects, including their fields of interest, birthdays, anniversaries, religious holidays they may observe and so on.

This means you’ll never miss a good opportunity to get in touch with them. There is also a facility that allows you to automatically send an email to prospects when you call them and get their voicemail, and you can easily choose to customize those emails if you wish.

Dennis Wilson’s Barcelona presentation

If all this hasn’t got you excited enough to get on board with Smart Business Tools right now, and explore all the possibilities within it, then why not have a look at Dennis’s Barcelona presentation, which you can click to play at the top of the screen.

Your current cycles in licenses do NOT change in anyway. We have simply added incredible VALUE to your licenses with the addition of the Smart Business Tools resellable software keys. So this is all 100% GREAT news, nothing lost, ONLY gained! You can actually resell all your keys and have a retail profit after recovering your license purchase in your pocket, AND YOU STILL HAVE YOUR CYCLES! Now with that said, check out the explanation of the new Smart Business Tools.

>>>Watch the presentation from Dennis

Thanks for reading, and watching our videos. We firmly believe Smart Business Tools is the way forward for NetLeaders advocates and are committed in supporting you to MAXIMIZE this great opportunity.

But really, this is just a taster of what will come. To serve you better, we will soon be adding better, enhanced video content and a whole range of written step-by-step tutorials too with all of our videos captured in one place. So, until then…


The NetLeaders Team