More Languages and social media upgrade, and how it may affect you!

Seven Opportunity Presentation languages - Spanish, German and Turkish presentations now available
Seven Opportunity Presentation languages:- Right now, Dascoin opportunity presentation can now be accessed in seven other languages including Spanish, German and Turkish. All these presentations are now available in the back office for your download.

More languages for Facebook users

We are excited to announce that the multilingual development of our marketing materials is continuing with a new strategy to build official Facebook pages in a number of our most important languages.

This way, we will be able to communicate effectively on the world’s most popular social network while specifically addressing some of the key growth areas within our community.

In order to maintain a professional webscape which upholds the values of the NetLeaders and DasCoin brands, we are also taking another important measure. Any unofficial pages or accounts on social media channels and across the internet will be removed.

It’s really important we do this to avoid confusion about who we are and what our vision is. We need both our existing customer base, and future prospective partners and license-holders to be given perfect clarity about the function of the Das ecosystem.

We have provided communications in the past emphasizing the importance of us staying “on message” as a community; it’s really important we cease the practice whereby people are lured towards a page or a social media account that may purport to offer official company information while really simply serving as a tool for advocates to promote their own referral links.

We’re removing unofficial accounts

We will be contacting anyone with a social media page that includes the word ‘NetLeaders’ or ‘DasCoin’ and asking them to either merge their page with an official DasCoin or NetLeaders page, or delete it.

As both NetLeaders and DasCoin become more well know, it needs to be easy for people to find the correct information from the company. Infringements of company trademarks make this very difficult. We hope you understand this makes our community stronger and more effective.

If we have not contacted you yet and you own a social media account with NetLeaders or DasCoin in the title, we strongly advise you to contact as soon as possible. Our Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Tho Yow Yin will then be in contact regarding the page.

Please note, we are not discouraging people from using social media or interacting with our official channels. In fact, we have previously provided advice about just how important social media is within our incentivized marketing model when used in the right way. Plus, you can download our social media workbook to make the most of your own channels.

New Advocates Presentation joins key Back Office tools

We are excited to announce that a brand new powerpoint presentation, to complement the new Opportunity Deck, has been released to the NetLeaders Back Office.

Announcing a brand new Advocates presentation tool

The Advocates Presentation will be a really useful tool to help convert some of your downlines into Advocates, so that you – and they – can reap the full benefits of being part of the Community of Empowerment.

Fantastic income opportunity - Announcing a brand new Advocates presentation tool
Fantastic income opportunity awaits partners of Netleaders as the company introduces a brand new Advocates presentation tool in the back office.

How to access it, and why you need it

Simply sign into your NetLeaders account, locate the Media section on the left-hand side of the dashboard and find the Advocates Presentation sitting alongside the Opportunity Deck.

While the Opportunity Deck is intended to introduce prospects to the world of NetLeaders licenses, the Advocates Presentation is about converting license-holders into new NetLeaders advocates themselves.

Four key advantages to being an advocate

The fifth slide lays out the four principal advantages to being an advocate:

  • Superb compensation plan
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Industry-leading training and support
  • Rewards and recognition

The flexibility of NetLeaders advocacy is then stressed. The way our incentivized marketing model works means there are no weekly sales targets to meet or products that need to be purchased in advance. Advocates can work full-time within the community, or alongside an existing job and in the hours that suit a modern lifestyle.

Shared success

We take pride in sharing a significant percentage of our revenue with our advocates and the three types of weekly bonuses – direct commission, network bonus and matching bonus – are presented in detail.

The Career Plan: Real benefits

The final part of the presentation focuses on the Career Plan. There are nine levels to attain in the NetLeaders Career Plan, with some incredible rewards on offer. Work your way up to Crown Diamond level and win the car of a lifetime – a Bentley Continental GT!

Network growth benefits everyone

Our final slide comes with this message: Becoming a NetLeaders Advocate is a chance to build the future of this community – a place where individual participation is valued and rewarded, and growing the network benefits each person and the group as a whole.

We hope you will find this presentation a really useful tool to encourage many new people to become fully engaged members of the NetLeaders community.