NetLeaders Pioneer film debuts to tell the story about early adopters

NetLeaders Pioneer film debuts to tell the story about early adopters and what the future holds for them.

Some months back, we published a page titled; Be at the forefront of innovation. After the page was published, some people took advantage of the opportunity, and today we can proudly call these group of people Netleaders Pioneer members because they are part of the early adopters.

Netleaders Pioneer Film debuts on public screen
Dascoin’s Netleaders Pioneer film debuts to show how important it is for people to take action on innovative solution before they becomes generally acceptable.

Even though, Dascoin has been launched on the public exchanges and some of the amazing features that were on offer as of then might have been taken down or reduced as the frequency lock increases, you could still be referred to as a Netleaders Pioneer provided you avail the limited opportunity before you right now.

You can do that by signing up to become a Netleaders Pioneer and stakeholder in this ground breaking innovation solution for the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We are talking about the early adopters, people who believe on the vision first. They may also be refereed to as Dascoin Pioneers or Netleaders Pioneers. These group of people may not likely be the first to hear about this opportunity, but they obviously are amongst those who took action by going all out against all odds.

NetLeaders Pioneer Film below will open your eyes to more amazing features to expect as an advocate and student of the highly coveted Netleaders University. The video is also out to tell how brave they were. You can join the league of legends of Dascoin and Netleaders, all it would required of you is few minute of your time to study the project and check the public gitHub page of Dascoin. Check the code source and see how you could embrace this innovative hybrid decentralized, centralized, opened, and permissioned blockchain tipped to solve the number one challenge of cryptocurrency, spendability!

NetLeaders Global Conference at Battersea Evolution

Are you an advocate or a license holder?

Either way you are, if you haven’t yet got your €19 ticket for the NetLeaders Global Conference at Battersea Evolution slated for this Saturday, then now is the time to do so.

BatterSea Evolution, London, United Kingdom

An important training focused event will take place at BatterSea Evolution where we plan to unveil a wild range of new groundbreaking tools that will provide tremendous benefit for Netleaders advocates and license-holders alike worldwide.

Simply log in to your NetLeaders account to get your license if you haven’t done so.

You don’t want to be told what happened at this Netleaders Global Conference with some of the amazing speakers already booked to be at the event.