New Dascoin WebWallet Features Are Now LIVE

With the launch of DasCoin on public exchanges getting closer, it’s time to get excited. And we’ve got just the news to get you warmed up for the big event tomorrow:

New webwallet features live
In preparation for tomorrow’s #DascoinLaunch event in London, a new webwallet features have been introduced live on the website.

WebWallet has just been updated with exciting new features!

Here’s a list of all the amazing updates we’ve made to the WebWallet platform:

  • WebWallet is now open to the world. Anyone can create a WebWallet account
  • You can now conduct pay ins and payouts in Bitcoin on the WebWallet platform
    • When you pay in, your Bitcoin will be automatically converted to WebEuros for use on the internal exchange.
    • When you pay out, your WebEuros will be automatically converted to Bitcoin and send to the Bitcoin address you specify
  • Cycles have been introduced as a transaction fee. One transaction, regardless of the size of the transaction, will cost only 1 Cycle
  • You can now purchase Cycles with DasCoin. The Cycles you purchase can only be used as a transaction fee.
  • One DasCoin will always be reserved for the purchase of Cycles, so you never get in the situation where you have neither Cycles nor DasCoin with which to purchase them
  • The Validator device is now available for purchase directly in WebWallet shop

All of these new features are now LIVE, so if you log in to your WebWallet right now, you will be able to see them. However, please note that in order to use the new Dascoin WebWallet features, you will also have to update the software on your Validator device. You should have received a separate notification via email regarding the Validator update, so check your inbox for that.

If you have any questions about this new Dascoin WebWallet features, feel free to contact our support team at

The WebWallet Team