DasCoin, a Newish Digital Currency for the World

Welcome DasCoin cryptocurrency, a newish digital currency!

In my estimation, Dascoin will bring about a massive departure from the other 2000 plus coins out there that have been rendered useless. One reason I am getting behind it is the legitimacy of the blockchain which underpins the coin itself.

Important DasCoin Announcement from the CEO, Michael Mathias
Dascoin – Currency of Trust

If there is no application or purpose for a blockchain, then really what will support the coin? Unless you are about to launch a seamless way to spend the coin.

DasCoin cryptocurrency will launch on various coin exchanges on April 27th. Although we are forbidden to suggest potential appreciation (price), but I believe the coin and the ecosystem is robust enough to move in a very positive direction given all the ways the company is working to drive the utility of the blockchain which will impact the liquidity and appreciation of the coin.

DasCoin cryptocurrency is trading around 0.50 euro internally (among DasCoin holders now) so many of us believe that we are in a great starting position.

Bitcoin started trading at 6 cents in 2010….and its blockchain is slow, cumbersome and really only serves as a single use…that of a coin that at best had limited spendability (around 400,000 merchants globally accept Bitcoin at this time). DasCoin, in partnership with Canadian company Carta Worldwide will be releasing the 1st global mobile app that will allow you to spend DasCoin as seamless as you use your MasterCard or Visa.

Invest in Dascoin Now
Invest in Dascoin today and be part of limited few that would be amongst the early adopters with lots of testimonies about this currency.

Imagine, having the coin appreciate in value from 0.50 euro to 1/2 euros, you have doubled your money and can literally hold it or spend it at any point of sale. That to me is real life usability with no strings attached. If any of what I am writing resonates with you and you are interested in knowing how to buy DasCoin cryptocurrency, Just connect with your referral for positioning.

Again everyone will be able to buy DasCoin cryptocurrency once it launches on the coin market but there are some advantages to getting some prior to the launch.

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