TODAY is the Day for Dascoin, Webwallet and Netleaders Advocates Worldwide!

Hello everyone. Today is the day!

The day we’ve all been waiting for to get the kinda respect we deserved regarding DASCOIN is here.

For all the network marketers of the world who have built and rebuilt so many times and never hit the G spot. With Netleaders, we made it even while you we know not what we are doing, and today is the day our hard work finally pays off.


When you hear about bitcoin and some strange people names come up who were early adopters, Dascoin pioneers always get comforted for the fact that they’ve invested into what would go on to become the best decision ever. Well Dascoiners, today is your day!

Some people will go down as the pioneers of the next phase of Crypto Currency.

For all of those who have been laughed at by friends family and the permanently negative people we know (your day is here). I mean the day for you to be given the right accolades for your bravery and courage.


Today our lives change for ever, and it’s just the beginning for believing in an idea and a vision when many laughed and ridiculed us.

The next phase that’s coming after this weekend is when every man and his dog will want to join Dascoin by all means.

To all the fence sitters, best shift your butt quick because that fence is falling apart just like the Berlin wall of those World War era, due to so many people trying to sit on it.

For those people selling dreams to others knowing its 💩. Netleaders is about to clean up and more and more will realise we are the best.

#DascoinLaunch: Dascoin’s London launch to be streamed live Worldwide

The time is nigh, #DascoinLaunch day is here finally and we’ve got some interesting news for the Dascoin Community!

We’re thrilled to announce that Friday’s three-hour spectacular DasCoin: The Evolution of Money will be streamed live on Facebook.

Anyone unable to be in London for this historic event, which starts at 2pm local time, will simply need to tune into the DasCoin Facebook page.

We will issue reminders on some of our other social media channels – such as Twitter, Telegram and Reddit – nearer the time but it might be a good idea now to work out what 2pm British Summer Time on Friday will be in your time zone.

DASCOINLAUNCH - London event is going to be live streamed
DASCOINLAUNCH – London event is going to be live streamed!

By tuning into the online live stream broadcast, you will be able to see all the inspiring speeches from DasCoin’s amazing management team live at the #DascoinLaunch event, and hear from some of the new collaboration partners.

You’ll also get a complete picture of which the first exchanges to trade DasCoin will be – and advice on how to get started on these exchanges.

Why not make an event of it at home with your downlines, prospects and friends? It’s the next best thing to being at The O2 Arena itself to watch DasCoin begin its life as a publicly traded currency.

We’re also delighted that so many of you have been able to visit us in London, and we’re certain that whether you’re at The O2 in person, or watching from the comfort of your home many miles away, that it will be an unforgettable experience. It will be live streamed and you can record the video across the world.

Don’t forget Saturday

If you are in London and haven’t yet booked your €19 ticket for the NetLeaders Global Conference at Battersea Evolution on Saturday, then now is the time to do so.

This will be an important training event at which we plan to unveil a range of new tools that will provide tremendous benefit for advocates and license-holders alike.

Simply log in to your NetLeaders account and access the shop to secure your ticket.