THREE New Dascoin Webinars coming this week!

In focus: AlliancePay, Das33 and Smart Business Tools

With so much happening within the ecosystem and some important developments that we want everyone to understand in full, we’ll be adding two extra webinars this week!

After his successful debut in the hot seat last week, Advisory Council Chairman Vivian O’Callaghan will be hosting all three webinars and the agenda is as follows:

MONDAY (3pm, UK time)

Brian Semkiw, Former CEO of Carta Worldwide, and Blair Baker, CEO of Alliance Payments will be the guests as AlliancePay goes under the spotlight. We will cover all aspects of the virtual and physical cards and how the pilot payments programme will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months. This is a subject lots of you often have questions about so be sure to tune in for this one!

WEDNESDAY (3pm, UK time)

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias will discuss the inherent power, scale, utility and resale value of the new Smart Business Tools products that come with all licenses. In addition, Fraser Douther, one of our leading advocates, will introduce a new powerpoint presentation explaining Das33 and the opportunities this exciting platform will provide.

FRIDAY (3pm, UK time)

Dennis M. Wilson, a hugely successful incentivized marketing guru who is now one of our most important consultants, will provide some further detail around Smart Business Tools and its three distinct categories, SmartBusiness, SmartTools and SmartHour. All the software you need to maximise your potential as an advocate is at your fingertips and Dennis can explain why these products provide such a dynamic incentive for the NetLeaders community.

We will email you the registration links for all these webinars in good time, and record them for those of you unable to watch live. Get set for a truly educational week at NetLeaders!

Das33’s TAO vs ICO: What is Token Asset Offerings?

Token Asset Offerings (TAO for short) is the brand new baby coming from the stable of Dascoin new product development department titled as DAS33. TAO (token asset offerings) will be launched along with many other amazing products this weekend in Barcelona.

TAO (Token Asset Offerings) Will Disrupt The Blockchain Space for The Next Century, No More ICO Scams
TAO (Token Asset Offerings) Will Disrupt The Blockchain Space for The Next Century, No More ICO Scams. Pumping and Dumping would soon be a thing of the past!

Today, we need to quickly draw you into the deeper knowledge of this particular term in Dascoin Ecosystem. Mind you, TAO (token asset offerings) can also be referred to as initial coin offering that many other crypto projects out there are doing. However, our own way will be different because Dascoin is about trust and standard.

Watch this video to have a clearer understanding of what TAO (token asset offerings) means to the community and how you could take advantage.

Remember that if you want to register yourself into the ecosystem, you can do that by clicking this link:

By joining through my link, I stand to earn some little commission which is more than enough as form of encouragement to continue giving value on this portal. Kindly use my link if you’d like me to continue adding value to this world. I’d love to do more. 🙂

Understanding Das33 TAO (Token Asset Offerings) vs ICOs, and the Das33 Platforms.

Goodbye ICOs, hello to TAOs! This is how smart tokens will disrupt the status quo in the blockchain technology industry for the next months to come. And we think, it is imperative you study to understand the power TAO (Token Asset Offerings) has over ICOs, and the amazing things you can do on the Das33 platform once it is launched this week.

Please share your comment below, and if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.