Dascoin License: Huge values and benefits embedded in Dascoin licenses

In our last lecture, you saw how this is just coin. That’s why we aren’t focused on dascoin alone buy the dasecosystem with all the components, abilities and values. This morning, I’m gonna I a c 6values embedded in the licences. Remember, to join the ecosystem, you need to buy any of the licences and be granted access to the entire system.

Netleaders Licence Benefits – What To Expect from Buying into the Project

Here are what to expect when you buy any of the licences.

1. Access to Cycles which serves as an Internal Currency for the community

The licence delivers what is called cycles which is the internal currency of Dascoin. It is with cycles that you can create dascoin and enjoy coin appreciation in the future or use it to redeem other products and services within the network.

As we launch das33, a lot of projects/startup companies that will come on das33 project will require cycles.

2. Unequaled access to the entire ecosystem

Licence grants you access to the whole ecosystem with an array of products and services, some launched and some in the pipeline.

Some people think that it’s smarter going to the external exchange to buy Dascoins, overlooking the licences. The truth is that the coin is a small fraction of the entire ecosystem. Buying coins from the exchange without the licence is limiting. It restricts you from enjoying other benefits of the ecosystem as I’m going to enumerate below.

3. Unrestricted Access to Participate in the Das33 ICO Investment Project

Participation in DAS33 with cycles comes only through the Netleaders licence.

I did mention this in (1) above, but let me go deeper…

Das33 is the platform for grooming, and funding fractional ownership of start-ups otherwise known as ICOs.

In Dascoin we call it Tokenized Asset Offering (TAO) because it has been re-branded to ensure the risks are heavily eliminated, to ensure protection of participants money and good returns too.

This is a process where you have the opportunity to buy into and co-own startup companies that come on the platform.

This is the platform where innovative projects, startups and companies are vetted, groomed and crowd funded.

One of the amazing license benefits here is, you will have an opportunity to be a lifetime investor in any of these initiatives. Imagine if you were part of Etherium, Dash, and Litecoin and other ICOs when they launched on the pennies.

This is another huge opportunity to build your future wealth with this, and some of these TOAs will be funded with cycles from the Netleaders licence.

4. Addons services like Customer Relationship Management Software and others

Netleaders licence contains other innovative products like the Customer Relationship Management Software with resell right which is huge for managing customers’ contacts and follow ups, another plus for the licences.

Over 75% of global economy is made up of small scale businesses. Dascoin wants to be the engine room of small scale businesses. With CRM, Netleaders all over the world have been given the tool to help organise these businesses, attract them to the ecosystem and build a huge market place called the Dasmarketplace where you can transact any business with a push of a button in your daswallet. This feature is only available with the licences.

CRM will be fully launched later in the month, and that adds to the ever growing Dascoin license benefits.

5. Traveling incentives

Each licences purchased contains Travel Vouchers – a revolutionary incentive program on hotel accommodation which is said to give more than 50% discount on hotel accommodations worldwide. Think of what this alone can do for you as you travel around the world building your Netleaders Business and earning empowering weekly income, with rewards to your digital wallet for using or referring people to use the system.

This feature will be available to every licence holder whether they are building the business or not.

6. DasMarketPlace

DasMarketplace as earlier mentioned, is a feature that will be available to licence holders and they can transact business within the community in a one stop digital market place available right at the click of your daswallet button. Think of several online business coming into the dasmarketplace at your beck and call with reward programs for patronising their goods and services paying with dascoin.

7. Alliance Pay and Daspay

Alliance Pay and Daspay are our proprietary technologies for spending dascoin on 60 million platform globally, meaning you can pay for goods and services with Dascoin.

This feature only comes with the licence.

See reality from unrealistic perspective…AlliancePay and Daspay will make this expression a worthwhile experience for card holders.

Second alliance pay
As some of you may know, yours truly is one of the people around the world who was selected to test alliance pay.

Alliance Pay utilizes dascoin to pay for goods and services while dascoin is converted to the currency of the merchant.

This transaction happened weeks ago. You can see the wrist watch I bought from aliexpress with dascoin.

You can see the initial balance before the transaction and balance after the transaction from my Daswallet.

And right here above is the current balance on the wallet after the successful purchase of the wristwatch.

Meanwhile, the wristwatch has since been shipped to Nigeria.

You cannot use this facility buying coin from the exchange. It is linked to the licence.

‼Let me remark here that I am here to support people who want to obtain the licences either to hold it long term or become Netleaders advocate.

If you are just interested in buying the coin which is just a fraction of what we offer, you can visit any of the exchanges, set up your account and there you go.

At this stage, I’m afraid we will have to draw the curtain on this edition of the class here till next editions comes live.

I’m sure I’ve bombarded you with much information. Do not mind it’s technicality. As you keep learning, taking action, you will come to a better understanding.

Tomorrow evening, I will show you how to purchase the Netleaders licence and why you would probably want to become a netleaders advocate, the incredible incentives and career recognition program you stand to enjoy and how to build yourself a leveraging empire using the global best netleaders compensation plan – the best in the industry by all standards‼

Das33.io goes live!

Das33.io goes live today!
Das33.io goes live today!

Good news guys!

The time is tickling and we are getting closer to witnessing another history in the entire DasEcosystem.

In less than 12 hours, Das33.io will go live.

We have been talking about this change making blockchain solution from the stable of Dascoin for months.

Today, you will feel it live.

Fasten your seat belt and let’s delve into a new era of value system.

Welcome, DAS33.io

THREE New Dascoin Webinars coming this week!

In focus: AlliancePay, Das33 and Smart Business Tools

With so much happening within the ecosystem and some important developments that we want everyone to understand in full, we’ll be adding two extra webinars this week!

After his successful debut in the hot seat last week, Advisory Council Chairman Vivian O’Callaghan will be hosting all three webinars and the agenda is as follows:

MONDAY (3pm, UK time)

Brian Semkiw, Former CEO of Carta Worldwide, and Blair Baker, CEO of Alliance Payments will be the guests as AlliancePay goes under the spotlight. We will cover all aspects of the virtual and physical cards and how the pilot payments programme will be rolled out in the coming weeks and months. This is a subject lots of you often have questions about so be sure to tune in for this one!

WEDNESDAY (3pm, UK time)

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias will discuss the inherent power, scale, utility and resale value of the new Smart Business Tools products that come with all licenses. In addition, Fraser Douther, one of our leading advocates, will introduce a new powerpoint presentation explaining Das33 and the opportunities this exciting platform will provide.

FRIDAY (3pm, UK time)

Dennis M. Wilson, a hugely successful incentivized marketing guru who is now one of our most important consultants, will provide some further detail around Smart Business Tools and its three distinct categories, SmartBusiness, SmartTools and SmartHour. All the software you need to maximise your potential as an advocate is at your fingertips and Dennis can explain why these products provide such a dynamic incentive for the NetLeaders community.

We will email you the registration links for all these webinars in good time, and record them for those of you unable to watch live. Get set for a truly educational week at NetLeaders!

Das33’s TAO vs ICO: What is Token Asset Offerings?

Token Asset Offerings (TAO for short) is the brand new baby coming from the stable of Dascoin new product development department titled as DAS33. TAO (token asset offerings) will be launched along with many other amazing products this weekend in Barcelona.

TAO (Token Asset Offerings) Will Disrupt The Blockchain Space for The Next Century, No More ICO Scams
TAO (Token Asset Offerings) Will Disrupt The Blockchain Space for The Next Century, No More ICO Scams. Pumping and Dumping would soon be a thing of the past!

Today, we need to quickly draw you into the deeper knowledge of this particular term in Dascoin Ecosystem. Mind you, TAO (token asset offerings) can also be referred to as initial coin offering that many other crypto projects out there are doing. However, our own way will be different because Dascoin is about trust and standard.

Watch this video to have a clearer understanding of what TAO (token asset offerings) means to the community and how you could take advantage.

Remember that if you want to register yourself into the ecosystem, you can do that by clicking this link: https://netleaders.com/ref/residual.

By joining through my link, I stand to earn some little commission which is more than enough as form of encouragement to continue giving value on this portal. Kindly use my link if you’d like me to continue adding value to this world. I’d love to do more. 🙂

Understanding Das33 TAO (Token Asset Offerings) vs ICOs, and the Das33 Platforms.

Goodbye ICOs, hello to TAOs! This is how smart tokens will disrupt the status quo in the blockchain technology industry for the next months to come. And we think, it is imperative you study to understand the power TAO (Token Asset Offerings) has over ICOs, and the amazing things you can do on the Das33 platform once it is launched this week.

Please share your comment below, and if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.