Blockchain, Business & Barcelona – A roadmap for the future

Here are the Major Headlines from Dascoin Barcelona Global Top Leaders Conference

The 500 leading NetLeaders advocates received a sunny Spanish welcome at the weekend when they attended the NetLeaders Barcelona Global Top Leaders Conference at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via. In a fully packed program of events spread across Saturday and Sunday, even the World Cup soccer action couldn’t distract our leaders from the major announcements we were able to share.
For those of you who qualified to join us in Barcelona, we believe you will agree it was as exciting as it was informative!
For those of you who couldn’t make it, we trust this post will give you an insight into the amazing innovations announced within the Das ecosystem. The global momentum is now building behind our newly enhanced mission of enabling Small Business worldwide to prosper – while accepting DasCoin!
Check out this packed overview of all the great new Das ecosystem enhancements presented.

Share this with your teams and network and use them to help your business explode!!!
Make sure you MARK THE DATE in your diary for the next NetLeaders event. We’d love to see you on 29 September – destination and venue soon to be revealed!

Are you ready to rally the troops? Let us help you spread the word with the main Barcelona talking points. Here are the highlights:


Enhanced Utility Licenses were launched, adding incredible value to all our previous licenses AND the ability to earn up to 200% or more in retail profit by simply reselling the Smart Business Tools to small businesses worldwide.


Simply share your NetLeaders business opportunity with contacts who have small businesses or connections. Let them know about the SmartTools MLM prospecting system funnels and should they NOT be interested in your NetLeaders products and opportunity, make a PROFITABLE retail sale instead. Re-sell all your SmartBusiness subscription codes and you are already in PROFIT over the cost of your NetLeaders license purchase and the Cycles we all know and love are just the icing on the cake!
All Smart Business Tools will be initially in English, with many other languages in various stages of completion. Rather than waiting until everything is perfect, we felt we would show you what is coming and changing on a day-to-day basis. It’s a more exciting method, so you get it RAW to start with. We will be opening up a translation club for anybody interested in translating the systems to your own language! We will send an email soon showing where you can go to register to take part!

Understanding the Smart Business Tools!

SmartBusiness – A comprehensive Sales Automation tool to help any small business dramatically increase their sales and profits and, coming soon, enable them to accept DasCoin worldwide!

SmartTools – The world’s best MLM Automated Prospecting System with soon-to-be-available prospecting landing pages and advertising co-operative that you can pay in DasCoin to help generate you leads to grow your Netleaders business and generate profitable RETAIL SALES along the way!

SmartHour – Does it all sound hard? Relax. NetLeaders has you covered with SmartHours. You can sell your small business owner friends, AT A RETAIL PROFIT, one-hour sessions of Small Business Consulting to help them get the most out of SmartBusiness FAST!
The set time is here, let’s get SMART!
Regardless of when you purchased your NetLeaders license, your subscription codes should be in your back office NOW, or worst case within the next 24 hours (sorry, due to your amazing team building there are a LOT of license codes to generate, so many that the servers have been working overtime generating them for three days now!)
The initial subscription codes for SmartBusiness when sold to a small business will include a number of different pre-configured systems for a few business types already available for use. Over the next 12 months, these will be upgraded and many more business verticals added. Training and support is also coming soon to your NetLeaders Academy.
The initial codes for SmartTools will be blank prospecting systems you can get in and poke around in in English to get comfortable. Coming over the next days and weeks will be NetLeaders specific landing pages, videos, email and a social media follow-up series, plus surveys to ensure you and your teams success in building a NetLeaders Business.
Let’s get SMART!


We DID IT! AlliancePay was announced in beta. We heard from numerous advocates who purchased ACTUAL products and services WITH DasCoin using their virtual debit card at various merchants. The scaling up and testing process has begun! Stay tuned as more and more virtual cards are distributed to our advocates.


Want to participate in token projects, with good information and knowing your community is involved? Just for you, Das33 identifies and vets with our own set of professional and rigorous standards to ensure transparency and honesty to cultivate a host of token projects. The best part is, you can participate with your DasCoin – and with Cycles! While the launch of Das33 was delayed (in order to add a broker-dealer component to the platform), the launch of the first Das33 projects is expected before the end of the current quarter.


DasWallet will soon feature a built-in marketplace and a blockchain-based global loyalty program. Next: the ability to pay for goods and services in DasCoin from SmartBusiness license purchasers at their brick-and-mortar shops!
One of our planned first merchants, Danku, expected to launch last quarter of 2018 in the DasMarketplace, was showcased and their incredible health drinks were ravenously sampled by all!
Spend your DasCoin, generate volume in the compensation plan AND earn loyalty rewards – this is the power of the new DasWallet and DasMarketplace!

More amazing utilities are coming to the DasMarketplace and the Das Ecosystem pretty soon, but before then;
Let’s get SMART!

3 thoughts on “Blockchain, Business & Barcelona – A roadmap for the future

  1. disappointed byb the failure to launch DAS33 resulting in plunge of Dascoin making me incur huge losses but having read this update I fee reassured and will be taking a long view. You seem to have some exciting things in your pipeline and I mlook forward to seeing them come through. Thanks again for the update.

    1. Don’t ever be disappointed in anything yet. The future is bright for early Adopters like you.

      Just stay calm and lookout for the next update.

      You’ll smile big time. 🙂

    2. Don’t ever be disappointed in anything yet. The future is bright for early Adopters like you.

      Just stay calm and lookout for the next update.

      You’ll smile big time. 🙂

      DASC is for spendability.

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