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  1. Please advise what is the latest version of Dascoin app..

    I received 2 weeks ago my Validator.. Before I initialized/configured the Validator I checked the firmware version etc and it showed it had Version 1.4.2 das and MCU 1.6.

    However after I initialized/configured the Validator with pin code and 24 word private key, it had no apps on the Validator, so I had to go to Ledger Manager to download the DASCOIN app.

    I am confused because the only available download of the Dascoin app on Ledger Manager is Dascoin 1.1.2 version. yet the Validator originally was shipped with version 1.4.2.

    Please advise what I should do and how do I in fact download the latest version of Dascoin if it isn’t available on Ledger Manager.

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