How to use the Smart Tools funnel to get the most out of prospects

Out now: Our video explaining how to use your PERSONAL sales funnel

The world of Smart Business Tools is opening up before your eyes as the new easy way to introduce people to the NetLeaders opportunity, and we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to produce some video guides to make it as easy as possible for you to use.

Once you are familiar with everything about SmartTools, the method you use to engage people into NetLeaders and the Community of Empowerment will become second nature. But until then, our job is to make it as easy as possible for you to onboard new prospects and turn them into your downlines.

One of the questions we’ve been asked by you in the field is just how to use the sales funnel. This is essentially the dedicated SmartTools prospecting system which finds people who might be interested in your NetLeaders business.

We have produced a video which explains that very process. This can be watched now HERE – or simply click on the email header.

First of all you’ll see how to access your personal sales funnel. One of the things it will do is direct you to type in The sales funnel video will sort ALL of your prospects into four levels of interest, and from that point on you can then communicate to them in the most appropriate way.

In essence, you will be sifting through friends and family, business contacts, warm leads, cold leads – any type of prospect – and SmartTools will take out all the hard work out of your hands.

Check out our new dedicated Tutorials website

But this is only the start. We have also released a brand new website – – which is a portal for all our tutorial content. It is a blend of text and video, because we know some of you like to WATCH educational guides and others of you just want the words.

In the tutorials section of this site, you will already be able to find out

  • How to add contacts

  • How to create an email series

  • How to configure your sales funnel

  • How to set up your survey questions

…and much more.

As we said before, we are continuing to improve these guides with additional content being added all the time. Our goal is to make the Smart Business Tools experience a smooth one for everyone in the community.

Blockchain, Business & Barcelona – A roadmap for the future

Here are the Major Headlines from Dascoin Barcelona Global Top Leaders Conference

The 500 leading NetLeaders advocates received a sunny Spanish welcome at the weekend when they attended the NetLeaders Barcelona Global Top Leaders Conference at the Fira Barcelona Gran Via. In a fully packed program of events spread across Saturday and Sunday, even the World Cup soccer action couldn’t distract our leaders from the major announcements we were able to share.
For those of you who qualified to join us in Barcelona, we believe you will agree it was as exciting as it was informative!
For those of you who couldn’t make it, we trust this post will give you an insight into the amazing innovations announced within the Das ecosystem. The global momentum is now building behind our newly enhanced mission of enabling Small Business worldwide to prosper – while accepting DasCoin!
Check out this packed overview of all the great new Das ecosystem enhancements presented.

Share this with your teams and network and use them to help your business explode!!!
Make sure you MARK THE DATE in your diary for the next NetLeaders event. We’d love to see you on 29 September – destination and venue soon to be revealed!

Are you ready to rally the troops? Let us help you spread the word with the main Barcelona talking points. Here are the highlights:


Enhanced Utility Licenses were launched, adding incredible value to all our previous licenses AND the ability to earn up to 200% or more in retail profit by simply reselling the Smart Business Tools to small businesses worldwide.


Simply share your NetLeaders business opportunity with contacts who have small businesses or connections. Let them know about the SmartTools MLM prospecting system funnels and should they NOT be interested in your NetLeaders products and opportunity, make a PROFITABLE retail sale instead. Re-sell all your SmartBusiness subscription codes and you are already in PROFIT over the cost of your NetLeaders license purchase and the Cycles we all know and love are just the icing on the cake!
All Smart Business Tools will be initially in English, with many other languages in various stages of completion. Rather than waiting until everything is perfect, we felt we would show you what is coming and changing on a day-to-day basis. It’s a more exciting method, so you get it RAW to start with. We will be opening up a translation club for anybody interested in translating the systems to your own language! We will send an email soon showing where you can go to register to take part!

Understanding the Smart Business Tools!

SmartBusiness – A comprehensive Sales Automation tool to help any small business dramatically increase their sales and profits and, coming soon, enable them to accept DasCoin worldwide!

SmartTools – The world’s best MLM Automated Prospecting System with soon-to-be-available prospecting landing pages and advertising co-operative that you can pay in DasCoin to help generate you leads to grow your Netleaders business and generate profitable RETAIL SALES along the way!

SmartHour – Does it all sound hard? Relax. NetLeaders has you covered with SmartHours. You can sell your small business owner friends, AT A RETAIL PROFIT, one-hour sessions of Small Business Consulting to help them get the most out of SmartBusiness FAST!
The set time is here, let’s get SMART!
Regardless of when you purchased your NetLeaders license, your subscription codes should be in your back office NOW, or worst case within the next 24 hours (sorry, due to your amazing team building there are a LOT of license codes to generate, so many that the servers have been working overtime generating them for three days now!)
The initial subscription codes for SmartBusiness when sold to a small business will include a number of different pre-configured systems for a few business types already available for use. Over the next 12 months, these will be upgraded and many more business verticals added. Training and support is also coming soon to your NetLeaders Academy.
The initial codes for SmartTools will be blank prospecting systems you can get in and poke around in in English to get comfortable. Coming over the next days and weeks will be NetLeaders specific landing pages, videos, email and a social media follow-up series, plus surveys to ensure you and your teams success in building a NetLeaders Business.
Let’s get SMART!


We DID IT! AlliancePay was announced in beta. We heard from numerous advocates who purchased ACTUAL products and services WITH DasCoin using their virtual debit card at various merchants. The scaling up and testing process has begun! Stay tuned as more and more virtual cards are distributed to our advocates.


Want to participate in token projects, with good information and knowing your community is involved? Just for you, Das33 identifies and vets with our own set of professional and rigorous standards to ensure transparency and honesty to cultivate a host of token projects. The best part is, you can participate with your DasCoin – and with Cycles! While the launch of Das33 was delayed (in order to add a broker-dealer component to the platform), the launch of the first Das33 projects is expected before the end of the current quarter.


DasWallet will soon feature a built-in marketplace and a blockchain-based global loyalty program. Next: the ability to pay for goods and services in DasCoin from SmartBusiness license purchasers at their brick-and-mortar shops!
One of our planned first merchants, Danku, expected to launch last quarter of 2018 in the DasMarketplace, was showcased and their incredible health drinks were ravenously sampled by all!
Spend your DasCoin, generate volume in the compensation plan AND earn loyalty rewards – this is the power of the new DasWallet and DasMarketplace!

More amazing utilities are coming to the DasMarketplace and the Das Ecosystem pretty soon, but before then;
Let’s get SMART!

Real-Time Commission Calculations are Now Live

Hourly updates on commission earnings

Great news! We’ve just added a brilliant new function to the NetLeaders platform. From now on, when you visit your Bonus Report page, in addition to the regular earning reports – updated on a weekly basis – you will also see a Current Period Earnings Estimate statistic. This gives you a real-time overview of your estimated commissions for the ongoing earnings period and is updated on an hourly basis. Depending on the actions of your downline, this estimate may not exactly correspond to your total earnings at the end of the week. Still, we think it’s a handy tool which will provide some informative guidance and we hope you will enjoy making use of it.

If you have any questions about the hourly earnings estimate, or need any assistance, please feel free to contact our support team at

New NetLeaders licenses

Regular visitors to the NetLeaders website – and those who received our message from Michael Mathias two weeks ago – will know that some changes to our licences were in the pipeline. Well we can now announce that the new-style licenses have been released on schedule. Now, each NetLeaders licence comes with a range of 12-month subscriptions to Smart Business Tools. This CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software provides you with an easier way of connecting, communicating, and maintaining relationships with prospects and customers, and in this way helps you contribute to and expand the DasCoin community. You will also get access to an encrypted DasWallet and a certain supply of Cycles.

You can find out about the CRM tools that come with the €100 Standard License below. For more details, and to see the full range of products that come with the other licenses, simply head to the products page of the NetLeaders website.

The Standard License

  • 1 – SmartBusiness – 12-month subscription (retail value: €299)
  • 1 – SmartHour – One-hour one-on-one system consultation (retail value: €100)
  • 1 – SmartTools – 12-month subscription (retail value: €399)
  • Resale Rights to SmartBusiness and SmartHour
  • KYC Authentication
  • Encrypted Digital Wallet
  • Live Customer Support
  • Lifetime Eligibility on all SmartBusinessTools added


  • Cycles: 1,100
  • Network Upgrades: 1

Integrity is what Dascoin stands for!

Integrity means doing what you said you would do. Our world is filled to the brim with promise and fail, sweet talking scammers.

We are in dire need of people and systems that promote integrity.

And that’s what this emerging and most scary consortium of blockchain technology solution providers stands for.

Dascoin said it will do it and has done it!

That’s integrity!

Here comes the spendability baby! Alliance Pay is the newest baby in town to take us to the promised land of spendability and proper liquidity.

Integrity is what Dascoin stands for!


#Dascoin #DasEcosystem

Introducing AlliancePay

Hello everyone,
The first stage of DasPay is underway. During this proof of concept stage, for strategic reasons, we have decided to refer to the payment solution as AlliancePay. As we previously announced, in this initial stage, only 500 will have access to this service. While everyone will see a new “AlliancePay” tab within the DasWallet site, you will not be able to access it straight away. Don’t worry, we’ll be working hard in the following months to make sure everyone gets access to this exciting new development as soon as possible.

Welcome Alliance Pay!

The NetLeaders Team

Das33’s TAO vs ICO: What is Token Asset Offerings?

Token Asset Offerings (TAO for short) is the brand new baby coming from the stable of Dascoin new product development department titled as DAS33. TAO (token asset offerings) will be launched along with many other amazing products this weekend in Barcelona.

TAO (Token Asset Offerings) Will Disrupt The Blockchain Space for The Next Century, No More ICO Scams
TAO (Token Asset Offerings) Will Disrupt The Blockchain Space for The Next Century, No More ICO Scams. Pumping and Dumping would soon be a thing of the past!

Today, we need to quickly draw you into the deeper knowledge of this particular term in Dascoin Ecosystem. Mind you, TAO (token asset offerings) can also be referred to as initial coin offering that many other crypto projects out there are doing. However, our own way will be different because Dascoin is about trust and standard.

Watch this video to have a clearer understanding of what TAO (token asset offerings) means to the community and how you could take advantage.

Remember that if you want to register yourself into the ecosystem, you can do that by clicking this link:

By joining through my link, I stand to earn some little commission which is more than enough as form of encouragement to continue giving value on this portal. Kindly use my link if you’d like me to continue adding value to this world. I’d love to do more. 🙂

Understanding Das33 TAO (Token Asset Offerings) vs ICOs, and the Das33 Platforms.

Goodbye ICOs, hello to TAOs! This is how smart tokens will disrupt the status quo in the blockchain technology industry for the next months to come. And we think, it is imperative you study to understand the power TAO (Token Asset Offerings) has over ICOs, and the amazing things you can do on the Das33 platform once it is launched this week.

Please share your comment below, and if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Dascoin isn’t about HYPE! You Must Get This Right!

Hype is easy to create and so many ICO’s were sold on hype but then delivered nothing!

Next weekend DasCoin launch their DasPay technology and launch Das33 the new “Token Asset Offering” platform from which the first 5 companies create their DasNet Blockchain based offerings.

DASCOIN isn’t about Hype!
Hype is easy to distribute and so many ICO’s were sold on it! This weekend, DasCoin will launch its DasPay and DAS33 project on the premise of its advocates trust. If you are looking for hype, then you shouldn’t be think about Dascoin. It is about real liquidity and proper asset. Nobody is ready for some shitcoins out there.

There will be many more companies using the DasCoin ecosystem and people will be able to spend their DasCoins at over 60 million merchants that use Visa and MasterCard terminals all over the world.

DasCoin brings real world utility to the market. The list of new projects in their ecosystem will also include the DasExchange which will become a major CryptoCurrency exchange and enable multiple CryptoCurrency pairings to be publicly traded.

Just imagine all these amazing products embedded into one powerful suit:

  • DasPay
  • DASC (Dascoin cryptocurrency)
  • Das33
  • Daswallet
  • DasNet
  • DasExchange
  • DasApp
  • DasFinancial
  • And finally, DasEcosystem itself!

People scoffed at DasCoin and called it a scam. Some even said it was a shitcoin that would be shut down pretty soon by the Feds.

The truth is, Das Ecosystem have created an incredible technology company with incredible technology partners across the world, such as Cater Worldwide, and have developed a brilliant hybrid currency that has full regulatory compliance. A state of the art digital wallet with high level security using Ledger Nano hardware validation. And a Blockchain with less than 6 second transaction speed and the capability of 100,000 (tps) and a system of minting that creates no energy costs, but at the same time keeps the scarcity and drives value.

The truth is we are seeing the first real competition for the big boys in the peer to peer market.

DasCoin will be appearing on many more exchanges over the coming months giving the company greater access to the billions of dollars that have come into the industry. We will see many Token Asset Offerings (TAO) being created by multiple new companies that want to use DasCoin Blockchain. Meanwhile, TAO is equivalent to initial coin offering you guys are familiar with out there. But this one is going to be kinda different from what you’ve experienced with those fake coin offerings.

We are seeing the birth of the first real world utility coin being brought to the market.

Just the beginning of this incredible company.

If you want to be part of this great opportunity, get started here

Huge News: DasWallet Is Live! DasNet App, Utility, and Das Ecosystem!

Hello Advocates,

As promised, we have a lot of really exciting news to share:


It’s fitting that as we pass the two-year milestone of the Das ecosystem, we take time to review what has worked well and what has not worked well within the alliance of companies that comprise the ecosystem. The founders and executives from the various ecosystem companies are reviewing the value that was created and the contributions that were made to ecosystem by each participant. As part of this process, during the next couple weeks, there will be a number of refinements made within ecosystem companies, including changes and organizational adjustments. All of these changes are being made to ensure that we achieve the objectives and the goals we have set for the ecosystem. We appreciate your understanding and support as all of us work together to prepare the ecosystem for a whole new phase of utility… and tremendous growth!


One of the most exciting ecosystem refinements is the launch of a new digital wallet system called DasWallet. In preparation for the integration of new features and functionality, the DasWallet went live at 12:00 noon CET on Monday, June 18th. Over the coming weeks, you will see the introduction of a built-in marketplace (where you can purchase a wide variety of products and services with DasCoin) and a blockchain-based global loyalty program (built on Cycles), among many other new features.  From now on, the place to log into your digital wallet is Check it out and get ready to see a whole new dimension of functionality come to life over the coming weeks!


From the beginning, we have always talked about building capacity within the ecosystem. During the first two years, we worked hard to build out an outstanding global technology network. Now we have reached a point where we can offer the capacity of our network in the format of products and services.  Consequently, as of June 30th, we will be delivering configurations of three new products to EVERY LICENSE HOLDER since the inception of the NetLeaders license program. The first products leverage the resources of our ecosystem to create world-class Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) systems for small business owners and sales professionals. These CRM systems, known as Smart Business Tools, will form the core of the new license offering, and will provide tremendous value. If the CRM systems are retailed as suggested, there is the potential for each license holder to realize as much as 299% of the cost of the license! See the NetLeaders website (which got a nice minor face lift as well!) for more information.

Welcome to Netleaders community
Here’s the new Netleaders community latest website redesign.


These are just the first of a series of products that will leverage the resources of our ecosystem to deliver value to the NetLeaders license holders. Expect to see at least TWO MORE products added before the end of this year – with more to follow next year! All new products added to each level of license will be retroactively available to ALL existing license holders of that level of license – so the value of your original license will continue to grow over time as new products are added!


Don’t worry, each NetLeaders license will still include Cycles – but now the Cycles come as a bonus with every license purchase. Starting on July 2nd, a new class of licenses will emerge (called the NetLeaders Utility licenses) that combines the best elements of the NetLeaders Charter licenses with the best qualities of the NetLeaders Enhanced licenses. Here’s how the bonus works with these new licenses: the base amount of Cycles that you receive with your license will be under manual control to submit, transfer or redeem as you like, while the Cycles you receive from any eligible Upgrades will be auto-submitted to the Minting Queue and minted to DASC – so now the best of both are in one new class of license!


When the ecosystem was started, we began to assemble a global group of entrepreneurs and visionaries. During the past two years, many thousands of you from all over the world have become passionate about what we are doing and where we are going. Now it’s time to shift the whole ecosystem to a higher gear! We will continue to attract entrepreneurs, but now we are asking this entire group of passionate visionaries to begin forming relationships with businesses all over the world. And now you have the tools to do exactly that! The Smart Business Tools that now come with the Netleaders licenses are the perfect way for you to provide effective solutions for business people in your area. Every business needs to do a better job of collecting, controlling and utilizing the data they are generating with their businesses. CRM is the key to business success!


By forming these relationships with businesses all over the world, these businesses will already be active on our DasNet app when it launches later this year. Free to consumers, the DasNet app will optimize time and money for its users in a myriad of ways.  The primary dynamic at play will be the massive transfer of money away from traditional advertising and into consumer incentives only available through the DasNet platform. The CRM systems available in the NetLeaders licenses will be the ideal way for members of our community to connect in a meaningful way with businesses. Our DasNet platform will then facilitate deals and incentives that will attract many new customers to the DasNet app. This combination of community and commerce built around a system of mutual incentives will become the model for success of the new global economy!


Now that the infrastructure is in place and the community has reached a point of critical mass, it’s time to massively increase the utility of DasCoin.

During the next 12 months, you will see more and more new ways to use your DasCoin: including making purchases with our payment card solution, backing projects on the Das33 opportunities, buying products and services through our built-in marketplace on DasWallet, redeeming rewards through our blockchain-based loyalty program, and developing blockchain-based solutions using the services natively available from our ecosystem.  During the next 12 months, all of this and much more will be manifesting within our ecosystem!

So get excited about the start of the Year of Utility! And get ready for amazing growth ahead of Dascoin community!

Buy your Dascoin License Now to Avail the Opportunities in the DasNet ecosystem
DASC is already listed on exchanges. The Dascoin Community is growing rapidly everyday and you could join the TRUST ECOSYSTEM today. Buy your Dascoin License Now to Avail the Opportunities in the DasNet ecosystem today!


DasEcosystem Celebration Is Here! Happy Birthday to the Ecosystem!

Hello Everyone,

Today (June 15th) marks the 2nd Birthday of the alliance of companies that comprise the DasEcosystem. A warm congratulations goes out to everyone who has contributed to the success of the ecosystem. We have accomplished a lot in our first two years, but it is only just the beginning. It’s in Year 3 that the power of our model will start to be truly understood – so get ready for an exciting new phase of growth!

Happy Birthday to DasEcosystem
Wow, DasEcosystem is a year older today! Happy Birthday to the wonderful ecosystem created to serve the world for good.


On this week’s webinar, John Pretto talked about some big news coming that he hoped could be announced by Friday (today).  We know many of you are standing by, waiting to hear the word, and we ask for just a little more patience. Preparations are underway but could not be completed in time to announce today, so the announcements are now scheduled to happen on Monday at 12:00 noon Central European Time. Look for a video email announcement on Monday with some very exciting news!


What do you get the Ecosystem (that has everything) for its birthday? The DasCoin Blockchain appropriately minted the ONE BILLIONTH DasCoin just in time for the DasEcosystem’s 2nd Birthday! That’s right – over 1,000,0000,000 DasCoin have now been minted. This memorable milestone was officially achieved on Thursday, June 14th.  They say the first billion is always the hardest – so with that now out of the way, just a bit more than 7.5 billion DasCoin left to mint!


The incredible Increase Your License Promotion (that enables you to retain your previous Frequency) will end this Sunday at midnight – never to be seen again! As a matter of fact, the last time any extra Cycles will be distributed with the purchase of a license will end on July 1st.

Next week, the Bonus Cycles will drop to 23% and then finally during the last week of the month, the Bonus Cycles will drop to 13%.

From then on: NO MORE extra Cycles! Ever. “How? Why? What?!” Stay tuned for the BIG NEWS on Monday to learn why extra Cycles with a license purchase will soon be history!

Happy Birthday Everyone!
The NetLeaders Team