Nigeria Blockchain Summit: First Company’s Blockchain Technology Summit in Lagos, Nigeria

Some people say blockchain technology is the pathway to the future of application, that it is more than just a currency. Some argued that it is all about Bitcoin, Dascoin and host of other cryptocurrencies.

Affirmatively, you’d agree that blockchain is the next BIG thing after the launch of internet back in the early days. Today we have a series of blockchain technology conferences, blockchain networking events and talks taking place across the world to create more awareness for what has been tipped as the best invention since internet.

Whether you’re a die-hard blockchain consultant, or an investor, or an onlooker who is just curious in learning more about this breakthrough technology, and you live in Nigeria, then the greatest opportunity of this era is coming your way on the 2nd of June at Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Blockchain Summit: First Blockchain Technology Summit in Lagos, Nigeria
The first ever blockchain summit organized by the Nigerian group of blockchain technology experts, lead by Rufus Udeme, to enlighten Nigerians and other African delegates on the usefulness of block chain and usabilities.

The first ever Blockchain Technology Summit in Lagos Nigeria, supported by Dascoin, will bring together a diverse range of blockchain experts across the continents of the world who will discuss some of the challenges, opportunities, and exciting possibilities in innovation and disruption that can be leveraged around the world using this groundbreaking solution.


Financial institution comprises of banks, currency exchanges, investment banks, and regulators across the world are taking seriously the financial innovation and threat of distributed ledger or block chain technology to the existing structure.

As a matter of fact, blockchain technology goes beyond cryptocurrency (Digital Money) as it offers a shared, trusted, public ledger that is openly available for everyone to inspect, but no single user controls.

It is at the verge of revolutionizing trade finance, international money transfers, syndicated peer to peer lending, and collateral management, amongst other real world applications. Since it makes instantaneous payments and settlement a possibility, the potential impact on the role of financial traders, and other financial technologists cannot be neglected.

The Blockchain Technology Summit in Lagos, Nigeria features an inspiring day of discussions and workshops by professional speakers on blockchain technology, innovation, and applications. Blockchain experts from across the world will converge at The Blockchain Summit Lagos to enlighten you on how to take advantage of this digital revolution. This BLOCKCHAIN Summit presents a hands on, detailed and professional approach to understanding how blockchain technology works, its advantages and opportunities embedded in it. It will enlighten you on positioning yourself for the next BIG thing about to take place.




The FREE Registration for the BLOCKCHAIN SUMMIT IN LAGOS NIGERIA has started. You do not want to miss this great opportunity to gather first hand information about Blockchain technology right in your own country.

Book your ticket now and let’s meet at the event.

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  1. There is nothing stopping me from attending this blockchain technology summit. I am going to be there live and direct.

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