Dotpay payment option removed

Dotpay option removed

Many of you may have noticed the option to purchase a NetLeaders License with Dotpay has been removed. We are currently assessing our payment processors and have chosen to remove this particular payment channel. Remember, we do now offer the Berkeley FS digital wallet among six options. For more information on how to set up a Berkeley FS digital wallet, please follow our helpdesk instructions.

United Nations Blockchain For Impact Summit Updates from Dascoin CEO, Michael Mathias

Michael Mathias, Dascoin CEO reports from the UN’s Blockchain For Impact Summit for Advocates.

Dascoin CEO, Michael Mathias attended BLOCKCHAIN FOR IMPACT GLOBAL SUMMIT at United Nations New York this week.
On his positive mission to make our world a better place to live in, Michael Mathias, the Dascoin CEO represented the entire Dascoin community, on June 4th, at the maiden edition of Blockchain for Impact Global Summit held in United Nations New York, USA.

DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias said the Blockchain For Impact summit he attended at the United Nations earlier this week had established some “real momentum” behind the need for balanced self-regulation within the sector.

Michael issued his update on Wednesday’s NetLeaders Weekly Webcast on June 6th.

The summit he attended was hosted by the UN’s Blockchain Commission for Sustainable Development, which was established last year. It seeks to utilize blockchain-based technologies to develop local, national and global solutions for the most pressing issues of our day.

Michael said the highlight was the closing address from Dennis Kucinich, a former US senator. Michael said:

“He gave an incredible speech about the need for self-regulatory measures. There was some real momentum that began from that speech on the whole realm of self-regulation that is really needed to preserve the possibilities of blockchain.

“There are tremendous possibilities and we want to make sure those aren’t stifled in any way by over-aggressive regulations. You just got a feeling something major is happening throughout the world and blockchain is really a catalyst. The reception at the end was a great treat. Everyone came away with the feeling this was a really special event.”

Michael also attended a breakout session on identification at the summit. He said:

“It was about how to create a standard for digital identity, and it was a really fascinating topic – about how to help make blockchain reach its potential.”

NetLeaders MD John Pretto added on the webinar:

“I hope people realise the paradigm shift of the blockchain industry and tokenization. This is a very profound time, very early days in the transformation of what we are witnessing. You are in great position to take advantage of this growth.”