London launch tickets go live, and a chance to win a FREE VIP upgrade

It’s the moment that many of you have been waiting for! Your FREE tickets to witness the launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges are now available direct from the NetLeaders Shop, and we are also running one of our popular promotions through which you could win a VIP upgrade. Head to our full London event page for all the details.

We’re excited to announce the big launch itself, DasCoin: The Evolution of Money, will be on April 27 at the world famous O2 Arena. The following day we host a NetLeaders Global Conference at Battersea Evolution.

Dascoin London Global Summit
Dascoin London Global Summit event tickets are live for booking at the event page. The event will take place at The 02 Arena and Battersea Evolution, all in London. Get your Dascoin london launch tickets now.

While DasCoin: The Evolution of Money is free to all NetLeaders license-holders, the VIP option, costing €199, gives advocates access to cocktails and a gala dinner at Battersea Evolution after the main DasCoin event on Friday. VIPs also get access to Saturday’s event, which costs €19. Tickets for the NetLeaders Global Conference can also be purchased separately.

VIP Tickets Promotion: How it works

For five days after we start issuing tickets for DasCoin: The Evolution of Money anyone who registers for a free ticket will automatically be entered into a draw for a free VIP upgrade. We have 200 VIP upgrades to give out. Remember, VIPs get access to all the events on both days and hospitality on Friday without paying a thing. Upgrades are only available to NetLeaders license-holders.

Of course, if you want to make sure of getting hold of a VIP ticket then we would encourage you to buy a ticket. Remember you need to have the funds in your NetLeaders account to purchase any type of ticket.

If you want to attend both days, remember you need to register for a free Friday ticket AND buy a separate ticket on the Saturday (unless you purchase a VIP ticket which includes access to both). Friday tickets will be sent to you by The O2, and it’s vital you PRINT THEM OUT AT HOME before coming to the event. VIPs will receive one ticket from NetLeaders that grants access to Friday cocktails and dinner plus the Saturday event. The ticket for The O2 will be distributed separately. Once again, that ticket must be PRINTED OUT in advance.

London launch tickets go live, and a chance to win a FREE VIP upgrade

The agenda is confirmed as below:

Event Agenda

Friday April 27
DasCoin: The Evolution of Money
Venue: The O2 Arena
12.30 – 14.00: Registration
14.00 – 17.00: Event
Cost: FREE

Gala Dinner
Venue: Battersea Evolution*
20.00: Welcome drink and dinner
Cost: €199

Saturday April 28
NetLeaders Global Conference
Venue: Battersea Evolution
13.00 – 14.00: Registration
14.00 – 17.00: Event
Cost: €199 (free to VIP ticket-holders)

Advocates and license-holders already in London on Thursday are also encouraged to attend an educational cryptocurrency event at The O2 in the afternoon from 7pm to 9pm. It will be free but tickets will NOT be available through the NetLeaders shop. Look out for further communication regarding this event.

For details about the venues, London’s position in finance and cryptocurrency, and also some tourism suggestions simply check our event page. You can also book tickets directly from there.

Important DasCoin Announcement from the CEO, Michael Mathias

Important DasCoin Announcement

Important DasCoin Announcement from the CEO, Michael Mathias
Dascoin – Currency of Trust

A quick one from the CEO of Dascoin reflecting on how far the company has gone over the past one year. Today marked the exact date the Dascoin blockchain was switched on back then in Zurich, Switzerland. Michael Mathias has everything to say and share with you directly. See the video below to get the important DasCoin announcement from the CEO, Michael Mathias.

Please watch this very IMPORTANT message from DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias.

DasCoin Github release coming soon, plus our round-up of all the latest news

It’s been an extremely busy week at NetLeaders as the company prepare for the launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges April 27, and we’re delighted to reveal you can now book your tickets for London. There is a range of ticket options and a promotion that allows you to enter a draw for a free VIP upgrade, so don’t miss out!

In other news, the DasCoin source code is on track to be released onto GitHub March 31, we reflect on an important fashion event in Paris and passed a hugely significant milestone as we sold our 100,000th license. Here’s a little round-up of all the big news.

Dascoin GitHub; DasCoin source code to be released onto GitHub

As planned the DasCoin Blockchain source code will be released onto GitHub March 31. This means that anyone will be able to review the code behind the DasCoin Blockchain by downloading a link from the GitHub repository. The code, which is based on the BitShares Graphene platform will be viewable in C++ source code allowing for greater transparency and better understanding of the DasCoin system.

Dascoin GitHub release coming soon
Dascoin GitHub release is coming soon and it won’t be long until the world can start reading the source code of the first world’s currency of trust designed to confirm in less than 6 seconds worldwide and powered by DasEcosystem. You can stay glued to this dial to be notified when the Dascoin Github source code is finally released.

The DasCoin Blockchain makes slight changes to the Graphene core engine to allow for the addition of master nodes. The node architecture will not be revealed to protect the safety of users. Other adaptations include the process of minting DasCoin, issuing cycles, allowing transfers between NetLeaders and WebWallet Vaults and more. 

NetLeaders University up and running

NetLeaders University has been created to introduce you to all the powerful tools and services within DasNet. Every license-holder can access exciting and highly valuable coursework. We have broken the course into three courses: onboarding, compliance and success.

  • Onboarding ensures that you get to know the dashboard, features and tools of NetLeaders and our partner companies
  • Compliance lays down the rules that must be adhered to by each member of the NetLeaders community
  • Success is the final course which covers the realm of bonuses, strategies and best practice.

Each one of the modules will end with a short test on the material that has been covered. Don’t worry though, these tests are very simple and are designed for you to get the most out of your NetLeaders License.

Paris event: Blockchain on the catwalk

Blockchain on the catwalk with haute couture designer Julien Fournié
Dascoin Paris event features Blockchain on the catwalk with haute couture designer Julien Fournié speaking on some of the amazing advantages designers will derive from the use of Dascoin blockchain which has been tipped to become a mainstream cryptocurrency.

DasCoin hosted an event at the top of the Eiffel Tower on Monday in collaboration with haute couture designer Julien Fournié where details of a new solution to help the fashion industry safeguard intellectual property was outlined.

Designers require their work to be shared among multiple parties. Protecting original designs in this fluid ecosystem has always been a challenge and the first practical solution comes via the DasCoin blockchain.

Julien Fournie said:

“A fashion designer needs to protect his designs on a daily basis, at various phases of the design process in an easy, secure, efficient manner. Fashion designers must remain the real decision-makers for all of their collections. I am delighted to collaborate with DasCoin to achieve that goal.”

You can read some of the coverage generated by this story via the links below (and this is just a small selection of the press coverage generated by the story). Be sure to read and share the articles to help spread the great news:

License sales: 100,000 and counting!

You may have seen our email earlier in the week announcing the sale of the 100,000th NetLeaders license. This is a tremendous achievement which we will of course further celebrate when we meet in London at the end of the month.

The important thing to remember is that even with the impending addition of the public exchange dimension to consider, it remains really important that we build the NetLeaders community by onboarding more prospects and selling more licenses. And with blockchain services coming on board, and DasPay also on the horizon, there will be plenty of opportunity for advocates to attract new business.

London Lux: DasCoin cover feature with Michael Mathias

We were delighted to see DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias depicted on the front of the April edition of London Lux. Inside this month’s magazine, readers can discover all about the journey of cryptocurrency so far and the position of strength that DasCoin holds at the heart of a vibrant ecosystem. “The coin that is positioned best to go mainstream is DasCoin,” is one conclusion from the London Lux feature, which you can access online.

Operation Reputation: Let’s stop “scam baiting”

We are aware that some people are using a technique which involves writing content which appears to offer a negative spin on DasCoin and NetLeaders, only to then steer the reader towards buying a NetLeaders License. The reputational harm this can do to our product is considerable and we will be taking definitive action soon to stop it happening. If you are aware of anyone behaving in this manner please notify

And don’t forget…

The NetLeaders daily opportunity webinars are continuing right up until our public exchange launch. Click on our previous advisory to find details of the schedule. DasCoin will be launching a new blog on the DasCoin website soon to complement the NetLeaders blog, and finally, the current Frequency is 16.0 and will be adjusted again on April 1.

More interesting news coming in couple of days and this is the The NetLeaders Newsletter for 30.03.18. Thanks for reading.

WebWallet Maintenance Scheduled for Friday, 30 March

We are always looking for ways to improve your WebWallet experience. As part of this, we have scheduled maintenance work on the WebWallet platform for Friday, 30 March.
Due to the deployment of new Blockchain and Migration Service versions, WebWallet will be under maintenance and unavailable on Friday, 30 March, between 2 pm and 3 pm (Central European Summer Time). During this period, you won’t be able to access the WebWallet platform.
Once we’ve completed the necessary maintenance work, we will send you an email to let you know that WebWallet is up and running and that regular service has resumed.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.
The WebWallet Team

If you have any questions regarding this email, please feel free to get in touch via

Introducing NetLeaders University

We’re proud to announce the launch of our much-awaitted and anticipated, NetLeaders University!

NetLeaders University is an educational platform designed to help leaders gain all the skills and knowledge needed to advance their NetLeaders careers – from basic onboarding concepts to advanced marketing techniques and more.

The University curriculum is structured to provide an in-depth understanding of the NetLeaders system as well as to teach you how to transfer that knowledge to potential new leaders in a clear and easily comprehensible manner. This will ultimately help you add new users to your downline, earn more commissions, and, through your efforts, grow and strengthen the ecosystem.

At this initial stage, the curriculum contains a course on introducing new users to the NetLeaders system (Onboarding). But this is just the beginning. Rest assured that we will be expanding the curriculum in the future with a variety of highly informative and practical courses.

Now that you know what it’s all about, it’s time to get down to business.

How to enroll in NetLeaders University

To enroll in NetLeaders University, simply log in to your NetLeaders account, navigate to the “Education” section of your Dashboard, and click the “Enroll in NL University” button. Your NetLeaders University account will then be automatically created, and you will be redirected to the University log-in page.

Once you log in to the University, you can start the curriculum by visiting the Training Center and choosing a lesson.


If you have any questions or need help with creating your NetLeaders University account, feel free to contact our support team at

Have fun!

The NetLeaders Team

The success story continues as NetLeaders sells its 100,000th license!

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that we have now sold 100,000 NetLeaders licenses.

Congratulations to everyone in the field for all your incredibly hard work growing the community. We have enjoyed two Leadership Summits in Dubai, plus numerous other events around the world together. We are continuing to enhance the NetLeaders experience, including the recent initial roll-out of NetLeaders University and have some amazing things in the pipeline to announce during the course of the year.

It is exciting to be able to announce this key landmark of 100,000 licenses with the launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges less than a month away. You may remember that last week we announced a promotion to give away a free President License (worth €25,000) to the advocate successfully selling the 100,000th license and are delighted to reveal we have already communicated with that person directly.

Of course, we won’t stop at 100,000. One day we expect to sell our 1,000,000th license because 2018 has the scope to be a year of serious growth. The launch of DasCoin onto public exchanges on 27 April in itself will build knowledge of the brand and is sure to create a new level of interest in the Das ecosystem.

Plus, with blockchain services coming on board, and DasPay also on the horizon, there will be plenty of opportunity for advocates to bring new prospects into the community.

Major updates as we move closer to a huge milestone this week

Greetings Everyone!

I’m hugely excited to announce we are on track to sell our 100,000thNetLeaders License this week! As a community, we have all been working hard to reach this important milestone. It marks a symbolic shift for the entire ecosystem from 1st to 2nd gear – and preparations are being made for this next stage of business as the momentum increases. In anticipation of this, there are several important announcements.

A President License for the advocate who sells the 100,000thlicense
This week an Advocate will sell the 100,000th NetLeaders License, and as a reward will be given a President License of their own. Be sure to let your teams know about the amazing opportunity to win this fantastic prize!

Your Reserve Account will be phased out
Starting with sales made today, March 19, all commissions earned will be paid to your Cash Balance (starting with the commissions that will be available on April 2). In other words, as of April 2, you will no longer receive 40% of your commissions to your Reserve Account. 100% of commissions will now be paid directly to your NetLeaders Cash Balance.

Transfer Funds to WebWallet
Many of you have asked for the ability to transfer funds from your NetLeaders account to your WebWallet account. We have listened, and will be opening the transfer pathway from your NetLeaders account to your linked WebWallet account beginning March 31 – so starting then, feel free to transfer whatever you want from your NetLeaders account to your WebWallet account.

Validator Price Change
Starting April 2, the price of the Validator will rise to €79 + shipping. It is a requirement from the manufacturer that our retail pricing be in alignment with other retailers of their product. So be sure to order your Validator before the cutoff at the low price of €39 + shipping per device.

10% Bonuses on All Licenses ENDING SOON
As of April 2, we will no longer offer 10% bonus Cycles on all licenses. Make sure to let your teams and prospects know to take advantage of 10% bonus Cycles today.