Social Media Workbook; A NetLeaders Digital Marketing Series by van Knijff

Social media continues to grow and change each day. NetLeaders wants to be able to leverage current outlets whilst also having a clear vision for continuing to engage new audiences as the webscape changes. In doing so we have prepared a workbook for our advocates to leverage the knowledge and strategies and help the community and company grow.

Why is that so?

Because strategic social media use encourages your audiences to connect and actively participate. Traditional one-way communication channels do not typically reach audiences in ways that elicit a particular response or behavior, whereas social media, by definition, revolves around connections and conversations. With clearly defined goals and wisely chosen tools, NetLeaders advocates can enhance their relationships with existing audiences, and truly engage them. As social media usage among our advocate network grows, this workbook will help advocates use social media in tandem with the company’s strategy and complement traditional media outlets.

This strategy workbook serves to guide the general use of social media, because working without a strategy and clearly defined goals can be detrimental. But with clearly defined goals, effective set-up and use of tools we believe that NetLeaders advocates will not only reach new audiences, they can also truly engage with them and in turn create more advocates.

Compliance message from Tho Yow Yin, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, NetLeaders

We live in a world where information is instant and media is everywhere. A lot of you utilize social media to build your business and propagate our brand online. Properly used, it is an incredibly invaluable tool for our world and can help promote our growth. However, an erroneous message posted online can result in damaging consequences that can work against our efforts.

A compliance message from Tho Yow Yin, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, NetLeaders
A compliance message was delivered by the Corporate Affairs Officer of NetLeaders, Tho Yow Yin, Chief at the last meeting in Rio.

We have some simple rules to follow when posting on social media about Dascoin:

  • Do properly relate your personal and third-party experience and the benefits of joining Netleaders with your prospects or clients.
  • Do direct viewers to our website and its contents for clearance sake.
  • Do use the latest marketing materials developed by NetLeaders for its advocates.
  • Do utilize the NetLeaders Social Media Workbook for effective representation of your business.
  • Do inform prospects that there are risks involved in the business. So, it is not entirely “risk-free”.

There are also some practices that are strictly prohibited by Netleaders:

  • We are not an investment company; and for this reason, nobody should use the word ‘invest’ or ‘investment’ to share our ideology of the business.
  • Do not show income projections or guaranteed promised gains to influence registrations. Tell the truth always.
  • Do not display your earnings to influence people into registering. Hype doesn’t work in our setup. We believe in sincerity and serened community culture we have built over time. And if you are to stay with us for long, you have to abide by the rules that guides the Dascoin Community (trust is the key).
  • Do not provide misleading information just to push the sale.
  • It isn’t a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, so forgo showcasing it as such.

Finally, advocates and licensees are not to deal with magazines, newspapers publications, television or radio stations without the prior and proper approval from organization (Dascoin board). Any infringement and disobedient of this said rules will be severely dealt with. Please note that all advocates are independent agents and you must represent and respect yourself as such.

We are positioning ourselves to scale great heights and we need everyone’s cooperation to achieve our collective goal. Adhering to the simple rules above will ensure there is no impediment in our path to greater success.

Tho Yow Yin

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Netleaders

Why buy licenses after the 27th April 2018?

Each week after this date the price will make 0.50 euros look cheap this is why everyone is trying to buy at 0.50 Euros.

Will Dascoin be sell licenses after 27th April 2018?

Yes…each Dascoins will be flying off the shelf as they will be great value as the price rises.

This is just the beginning of the great race to purchase more licenses.

In doing so this is going to release more coins onto the market for sale. A clever win-win situation for us and the company.

While the doom and gloom merchants are trying to scare people about crypto currency we have to realise that the market has grown more than 10 times over a year.

When a big market surge happens it will be crazy.

The whole world is looking for a currency to trust.

With Dascoin Hybrid Blockchain, we are very well ahead of the whole world in positioning for the change ahead.

When Dascoin launches even if the market is down, that’s a major plus for holders of the asset. Entering the market at the bottom means there is only one way to go, not coming from the top with highly inflated price just to fall off overnight.

April 27th is not far off anymore!

All Major crypto currencies need Dascoin Urgently. Why?

Dascoin blockchain can allow spendability to the whole market with the use of Daspay. Daspay is a global payment solution system designed to work seamlessly with the DasEcosystem and enables all licensed holders to spend and use Cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world. DasPay will be available to the market this June.

According to the weekly webcast where Brian of Carta Worldwide was a guest, Brian said hopefully we will be using the DasPay App for transactions by summer of this year that as at then, everything was still following the time line

Time comes as an advocate, and now is, when even total strangers will grab your hand and beg you to show them the road to Dascoin.

DasCoin, a Newish Digital Currency for the World

Welcome DasCoin cryptocurrency, a newish digital currency!

In my estimation, Dascoin will bring about a massive departure from the other 2000 plus coins out there that have been rendered useless. One reason I am getting behind it is the legitimacy of the blockchain which underpins the coin itself.

Important DasCoin Announcement from the CEO, Michael Mathias
Dascoin – Currency of Trust

If there is no application or purpose for a blockchain, then really what will support the coin? Unless you are about to launch a seamless way to spend the coin.

DasCoin cryptocurrency will launch on various coin exchanges on April 27th. Although we are forbidden to suggest potential appreciation (price), but I believe the coin and the ecosystem is robust enough to move in a very positive direction given all the ways the company is working to drive the utility of the blockchain which will impact the liquidity and appreciation of the coin.

DasCoin cryptocurrency is trading around 0.50 euro internally (among DasCoin holders now) so many of us believe that we are in a great starting position.

Bitcoin started trading at 6 cents in 2010….and its blockchain is slow, cumbersome and really only serves as a single use…that of a coin that at best had limited spendability (around 400,000 merchants globally accept Bitcoin at this time). DasCoin, in partnership with Canadian company Carta Worldwide will be releasing the 1st global mobile app that will allow you to spend DasCoin as seamless as you use your MasterCard or Visa.

Invest in Dascoin Now
Invest in Dascoin today and be part of limited few that would be amongst the early adopters with lots of testimonies about this currency.

Imagine, having the coin appreciate in value from 0.50 euro to 1/2 euros, you have doubled your money and can literally hold it or spend it at any point of sale. That to me is real life usability with no strings attached. If any of what I am writing resonates with you and you are interested in knowing how to buy DasCoin cryptocurrency, Just connect with your referral for positioning.

Again everyone will be able to buy DasCoin cryptocurrency once it launches on the coin market but there are some advantages to getting some prior to the launch.

Get your dascoin license here.

A Simple Recipe for Crypto Success

The key to making money in cryptocurrency is simple.



That’s it.

Yes, you need good security too.

But the most important thing is simply being able to
hold on during volatile years.

Many are tempted to take profits after they’re up 2X or even 5X.

Both would be a mistake (unless you desperately needed the cash).

Let me explain why…

Cryptocurrencies are a (potential) monetary revolution.

Bitcoin could become a common investment asset and value transfer vehicle, same goes for about to become popular Dascoin.

As I often point out, ownership today is tiny, with far less than 1% of the World population owning any cryptocurrency at all.

But adoption is accelerating incredibly fast.

Let’s look at some metrics.

Coinbase, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, was
adding around 55,000 new accounts
per day last November.

In a month, that’s 1.7 million new crypto (mostly bitcoin) users.

Let’s say half of those actually invest, and that they invest $3,000
on average (less than half a bitcoin).

I suspect this may be a conservative average, but it’s hard to say.

This influx of new buyers from Coinbase would add more than $2.5 billion in buying pressure per month (if they each bought less than half a bitcoin).

The total value of all 16.6 million bitcoins in the world today is around $140 billion, with each coin being worth around $8,315 as I write this.

On the supply side, 1,800 bitcoins are currently being “mined” per day.

Not all of those are sold, but let’s pretend they are for this example.

That’s $15 million in selling pressure from new coins per day.

In a month, that’s $449 million worth of new bitcoins mined.

So from just one exchange, we have perhaps $2.5 billion in new buying pressure.

And selling pressure from new coins is just around $449 million.

Let’s also factor in the following:

  • Bitcoin owners are loyal and tend to stick around.
  • There are dozens of other large crypto exchanges around the world.
  • There’s been an influx of 130-plus hedge funds looking into crypto.
  • There will only ever be 21 million bitcoins.
  • CME Group has launched crypto futures.
  • Now that crypto futures are live, bitcoin ETFs are likely to follow.
  • The big money players are dipping their toes in this market.

And there you have a recipe for a feeding frenzy of epic proportions.

Upside for Altcoins

Cryptocurrency owners tend to fit a pattern:
They buy bitcoin first and fall in love with the idea of independent money.

Holders tend to do very well on their bitcoin, and eventually some of these profits make their way into “altcoins,” or alternative cryptocurrencies.

The lure of altcoins is simple.

Many of them have borrowed from bitcoin’s code (it’s free to use),
but have improved it in important ways.

They’re trying to beat bitcoin in transaction speed and cost (and a few are succeeding wildly).

Competitors like Ethereum create additional functionality, such as the
ability to execute “smart contracts” on the blockchain, leading to endless potential applications. Mind you, your darling Dascoin blockchain is gifted with this gift from the beginning. In fact, smart contracts are going to drive market much more than anything else and DasNet has positioned themselves properly here for the future.

Bitcoin will always have a special place in my portfolio.

I’ll always own some.

But much of my time is now spent analyzing its competitors.

It’s an absolutely fascinating field.

Competition keeps the technology moving very fast.

Some of the most talented developers in the world are racing to make their coins the best.

I think we are just getting started on this journey to the future.

Get your Dascoin license today.

Career plan prizes are on the way + news on license purchase and compensation plan adjustments

We’re hugely excited to announce we have started to place orders for Career Plan prizes. Look out for an email that will ask you to respond with your address and phone number if you’re expecting an iPhone or Macbook Pro. Congratulations to everyone in the field achieving and good luck reaching the next step. Don’t forget you can track your progress in the new NetLeaders back office.

There are some other amazing news published yesterday regarding an update from Cater Worldwide CEO, Brian Semkiw, click here to read the update on Carta and Daspay.

Making it easier to buy Dascoin licenses

Many advocates have asked us remove the requirement to be KYC verified before redeeming a gift code for a license purchase. We are pleased to say that we have listened and have delivered this already, so that condition is now removed. In short, you can now buy a license with a gift code without KYC verification. KYC verification with NetLeaders will still be required to issue a gift code, so please be aware of this. And purchasers of licenses with gift codes will still need to eventually submit their KYC information – just not before they purchase their license.

Buy your license here:

KYC solutions

Since the start of the NetLeaders KYC process, thousands of customers have been fully verified while many others are progressing through the system and will be verified soon. If you provide us valid documentation and enter the correct data you should be able to complete the verification process within 48 hours. If you want to pass KYC as quickly as possible please make sure all your documentation and data is accurate because we are processing a very high volume of applications and do not want you to experience any delays. For anyone who needs help navigating the Back Office in order to begin the KYC process please follow our step-by-step online tutorial. Please make sure you have read the tutorial and submitted your information correctly before contacting

Carry-over threshold adjustments

As the NetLeaders compensation plan continues to pay out an ever-increasing percentage to the Advocate field, we need to make some adjustments to the carry-over threshold. To minimize the impact of these adjustments, they will be happening over the next several weeks. We are making some changes to the maximum amount of leg volume advocates can carry over from one commission period to the next. From the week beginning February 5 (Period 56) the total volume that can be carried forward into next week is €450,000. This ceiling will be further adjusted over the coming weeks, reducing to €400,000 on February 19, €350,000 on March 5 before fixing at €300,000 on March 19.

The best time to buy a Dascoin license

The next Network Upgrade is taking place Feb 17 – just 9 days away. As you know as part of a Network Upgrade, all Cycles that have not been submitted to the Minting Queue are doubled. This makes the lead up to a Network Upgrade the best time to purchase a license as you can double your Cycles almost immediately meaning less time before you can submit them to the Minting Queue to mint the maximum amount of DasCoin possible. In the case of President Licenses you can benefit from Network Upgrades even once your Cycles have been submitted to the Minting Queue – so get ahead of the crowd and submit your Cycles to the front of the Minting Queue whilst everyone else waits for the Network Upgrade!

DasPay partner Carta Worldwide expects DasCoin Blockchain to be third-party success story

Carta Worldwide CEO, Brian Semkiw, has issued some inconceivably cheery news around his organization’s association with DasCoin and his aspirations in regards to the extension and size of DasPay. An exceptional visitor on NetLeaders Director John Pretto’s Weekly Webcast, Brian said DasPay was deliverable before the finish of June and was a “staggeringly imperative item” in its own right.

Brian’s organization is a worldwide pioneer in computerized installment arrangements having worked with the greater part of the key players in the division. In an unexpected declaration, he said Carta is now peering toward the capability of the DasCoin Blockchain to dispatch new applications in the interest of its own customers. He plans to meet supporters in London on April 28, when we’ll start exchanging on open trades out of the blue, to expand further.

DasPay partner Carta Worldwide expects DasCoin Blockchain to be third-party success story
DasPay accomplice Carta Worldwide anticipates that DasCoin Blockchain will be outsider achievement story because it is going to break a lot of records.

He stated:

“DasPay is our first deliverable and the most essential thing we have to get onto the commercial center. It’s a fantastically essential item however past that we are unbelievably amped up for getting to the Dascoin Blockchain innovation and building exceptional applications for our client base. We are exceptionally amped up for stage two, yet ideally you will all get DasPay applications on your telephones and we’ll be completing a DasPay exchange in the late spring. I am unquestionably coming to London in April so come and see me!”

Brian, who was joined by DasFinancial Chairman Terry O’Hearn on the webcast, included: “We are inconceivably amped up for Blockchain and digital currency and we are extremely amped up for our association with DasCoin, NetLeaders and DasPay. With DasPay, the precarious part is to do many, numerous exceptionally muddled exchanges in milliseconds. What’s beneficial for you is that we have done comparable things for other individuals; we are not accomplishing something that is never been finished.

Click on the inserted video to watch the Dascoin blockchain webcast for this week in full…

“It will feel to the clients of DasPay that DasCoin will be in their wallet and they will go to a state of-offer gadget and they will utilize their telephone or their card and it will feel simply like a typical Visa or Mastercard exchange. We are expecting an extremely solid item that is exceptionally viable in the commercial center. Furthermore, we figure DasPay ought to have the capacity to pass before the finish of Q2 (June 30) – that is our objective.”

He clarified in a few insights about Carta’s involvement with managing comparable undertakings and delineated the requirement for the customary saving money industry to move with the circumstances.

“The stages that banks utilize are exceptionally old and ancient and are composed in dialects that individuals don’t write in. Banks need to move to cutting edge stages and need to do it, rapidly. There is heaps of interruption occurring in the keeping money world. The primary point is that exclusive 13% of banks consider their center frameworks can bolster the new computerized environment.

“We have been instrumental in working with Mastercard and we were the main individuals on the planet to process an Apple Pay exchange. We were the principal processor on the planet to empower the PayPal record to work at purpose of-offer level. We are engaged with paying out Uber drivers, and have worked with TransferWise which many individuals will be comfortable with. Some of these organizations are disturbing the way banks are working and it is a consequence of that interruption that these organizations are exceeding expectations.”

He additionally said DasCoin was in a place of extraordinary quality by setting such a high significance on issues of consistence, trust and verification.

“Perhaps the other thing to remark on is Mastercard and Visa’s gathering to digital currency. The entire trap is to ensure you remain inside directions. We know how. My sense is that they’re for the most part for crypto. They have made a few moves into the Blockchain world themselves, they’ve talked about crypto themselves yet they’re careful of individuals who advance outside their tenets. So they have an arrangement of guidelines and we need to remain inside those standards. You all are enthusiastic about direction so it’s not an issue for DasCoin and DasPay.”

What do you think about Dascoin blockchain and its introduction to the cryptocurrency market place? Share your views with us right below.

FUD – There’s no bad reason for concern.

In our response to most of the disheartening news that are been shared by fake news media (FUD) around the world against the Cryptocurrency industry, we have few things to share with you.

There is no real reason for any concern; no significant vulnerability or flaw in crypto or the underlying system that has recently been discovered.

Blockchain technology which is the engine room for most of the cryptocurrencies you could ever think of on the exchange, is the just getting started to attain its ultimate agenda. FUD is just a propaganda to distract your attention.

Blockchain-Presentation (1)1.jpg

Take a step back and look at the bigger picture — when it started to gain a whole lot of attention, the total cryptocurrency market cap was only about $7bn. And right now, it is now still approximately $400bn. This kind of relative gain would take a decade on the stock market.

“Corrections are healthy, and double-digit week-on-week gains are not sustainable in the long run.”


FUD influercers are on a mission.

Yes, they are on a mission to deal with you with the instrument of confusion. If you don’t have the right information at the right time, you might fall prey to their plans. It is obvious, they wanna hold your coins. Nothing else.

Don’t stress yourself about it. Take a chill pill and plan for the long term purpose instead. It is not a get rich quick scheme my friend, instead, it is a get wealthy as time goes system and it is not going to be destroyed as many old media has proclaimed. It is a propaganda by the elites to discredit innovation and technological advancements that’s about to take effect.


Guard your financial future jealously and let no one (because of the power and influence they have and their ignorance about the subject) take away your future from you by spreading FUD.

Hear this, FUD is a bitch. You can repeat that again, FUD is a bitch!